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  • Kerri C.

    Kerri C.

    We had Stephen Hanley as our inspector and he was on time, professional and very knowledgeable and thorough.  The report was provided in a few hours after the inspection. We have also worked with Jay for our previous home and we had the exact same experience! I always recommend Mercier Inspections to friends who are in the home buying process. Excellent!
  • Joshua P.

    Joshua P.

    I was looking for a thorough, comprehensive home inspector and Jay came highly recommended. He did not disappoint! From safety concerns not addressed by the original builder to heating/cooling/electrical deficiencies, Jay had all areas of expertise covered. He spent over seven hours at the property and I came away feeling extremely comfortable with the home purchase. The home inspection report was 100+ pages with pictures and detailed remarks. I would recommend Jay without hesitation.
  • Benjamin C.

    Benjamin C.

    Being a first time homebuyer, I really didn't know what to expect when it came to a home inspection. I was handed a list of reputable home inspectors from my agent and Jay's name was at the top of this list. I called him first and was blown away by his professionalism, flexibility of scheduling, and his quote was exactly what we expected, maybe even a little less. I didn't even dial another number after speaking with Jay. He sent Stephen out on a Saturday to perform the inspection and upon arrival, we found that he showed up early to walk the grounds and note everything we should know about. During the inspection, Stephen was educating us all while taking notes and pictures of things we should look into. He was patient and did his best to answer all of our many questions. We were told by friends that it may take a few days to receive the full report but Stephen had it to us by the end of the day, on a Saturday. I would highly recommend Mercier Home Inspection to everyone and will be sure to spread the word to friends and family.
  • Evelyn R.

    Evelyn R.

    Jay Mercier was referred to me by a friend and i have to say i was very pleased with his work. He was very thorough, informative and reasonably priced. He knew i was overwhelmed (I'm a 1st time homebuyer) so he would stop to ask every so often, if i had any question and explained everything in detail. Couldn't have been more pleased. Even my realtor was impressed. ūüôā

    Definitely using him again when i purchase my second home. ūüôā
  • Anthony L.

    Anthony L.

    Jay set up our appointment quickly and was able to schedule us for the next business day.  Stephen performed the inspection and spent two hours going through a two bedroom condo and detached garage. He was patient with all my first time buyer questions and was great at explaining most things before I would even ask. I'm grateful for his thoroughness because he found some shoddy work in the garage that I would never have noticed.  This was the more expensive of three quotes but we're glad we chose Mercier for their promptness of appointment and report and the thorough inspection by Stephen. We highly recommend them!
  • Pat Z.

    Pat Z.

    Jay was very responsive when I emailed him about getting a home inspection completed ASAP. We had Stephen Hanley as our inspector and he was on time, professional and very knowledgeable.  The report was provided in a few hours after the inspection and had all the items and pictures we discussed. Will highly recommend to friends buying a home.
  • Holly C.

    Holly C.

    My wife and I hired Jay to do a home inspection at a house we hoped to buy in Newburyport. We were nervous, but Jay immediately put us at ease. He is obviously very experienced, and his goal is to inform you of the ins and outs of your prospective property. His inspection was very thorough and his written report arrived in under two hours. Home inspections can be overwhelming, but Jay really helped us understand, invited us to ask questions, did not make us feel stupid, and took his time with us.
  • Robin M.

    Robin M.

    I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jay Mercier, home inspector, early on in my real estate career.  Since then, I have met many, many home inspectors. but Jay is still my # 1 go to for my buyers.  I highly recommend Jay and the newest member to his group, Steve.
    Jay is very knowledgeable and informative and does a spectacular job teaching my buyer  clients, about their new home and how to maintain and care for it.  He is not an alarmist, but full of very good information for home buyers, and many of my buyers have thanked me in the past for referring them to Jay.
  • Marcus D.

    Marcus D.

    We recently bought our first house, a house built ca 1880s. Jay did an excellent job with his inspection and was very professional and friendly during the whole process. He has a tremendous experience and is incredibly thorough which appealed to us. We would definitely use him again and will recommend him to others.
  • Amanda M.

    Amanda M.

    I would highly recommend Mercier Home Inspections. We had an inspection with Steve on Friday -- he was very thorough and took the time to walk us thorough all the details with full explanation. He was able to help us answer so many questions we had. In addition he was very timely get- he got to the appointment early and provided the inspection report within 24 hours. 5 stars for sure.
  • Jeffrey L.

    Jeffrey L.

    Jay was very knowledgeable and helpful, identifying over 30 issues with a house we were purchasing. His inspection was thorough and the report had dozens of pictures. Highly recommended.
  • Tayla M.

    Tayla M.

    I was incredibly pleased with the professionalism and quality of Mercier Home Inspections. Making an appointment for the inspection was as simple as it gets and Jay was available exactly when I needed him.

    He arrived early and was so kind, making the entire process enjoyable. I was beyond impressed with how thorough Jay was and I appreciated the time he took to explain each part of the inspection to me. With this being my first home and first inspection, he was wonderfully patient and understanding, taking as much time necessary to answer all of my questions.

    I received the report the very same day! It was detailed, specific, and accurate. Every aspect of the report was outlined, including pictures and standards of practice & definitions. I could tell that Jay was passionate about his work and exceptionally knowledgeable. His demeanor and approach put me at ease and I knew that he had my best interest in mind.

    I would absolutely use Jay and Mercier Home Inspections in the future and will recommend them to everyone I know!
  • Maria M.

    Maria M.

    If you are looking for a professional, considerate and knowledgeable inspector for your home inspection Jay Mercier should be your only choice!  He showed up an hour early to assess the outside of the home and when we arrived he already had information to convey to us.  He systematically took us through each area of the house explaining everything in detail and was very gracious answering our many questions!  We would highly recommend Jay Mercier for home inspections!!
  • Chrissy M.

    Chrissy M.

    Worked with Stephen at Mercier for our first home inspection and he was fantastic.  
    We had to book our inspection while we were on vacation and they were quick to respond and flexible with our timing.
    Stephen was super thorough and walked through everything in detail. He was at the property before our scheduled time already assessing and taking pictures of the exterior of the property.  The report was sent within 24 hours, included dozens and dozens of photos and detailed descriptions of issues.  He suggested doing a Radon test since the home was built on rock which I wanted to do but had forgotten about so I'm glad he mentioned it.
    This was our first home inspection so I can't compare to any other inspectors but I would absolutely recommend Mercier based on their attention to detail, quick response time and making the process seem easy.
  • Graham S.

    Graham S.

    Jay is exceptional! Our realtor recommended him as her first pick for home inspectors and as luck would have it he was available. I could tell he was the perfect choice because once we arrived at the house, he had already sussed out the property 30 mins prior and could accurately estimate the age of roof just by looking through his binoculars.

    We used the full 2 hours for our inspection. He answered all our questions and concerns very professionally and with efficiency as there's a lot to cover. My father-in-law was notably impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness. He pointed out concerns that my wife and I never considered which made us much more aware of the type of home we were buying. He documents everything in the report with photos, descriptions and condition scale.

    He e-mailed us the full inspection a couple hours after finishing. It was lengthy (62 pages!) but filled with lots of juicy info that helped us determine a more accurate condition of the property than our initial home visit.

    I highly recommend Jay and his company for your next home inspection.
  • Stevie M.

    Stevie M.

    Fabulous! Highly recommend this company for your home inspection. We had Steve who was great. He was incredibly knowledgable, thorough and patient in explaining every detail, especially to this first time home buyer. He is also really down to earth and easy to talk to. His report was delivered within hours of the inspection which really helped since I had a tight contingency deadline the next day. Steve's report included photos, easy to understand language and explanations. Overall, extremely satisfied.
  • Lisa Z.

    Lisa Z.

    Jay completed our home inspection, and I was thoroughly impressed by him. He explained everything very clearly and was extremely detail-orientated. He sent the report right away and was a pleasure to work with!
  • Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Thorough, professional and stress free. Does not get any better! I highly recommend this company. We went from calling him, to an appointment,inspection and completion  of 10 page report in 4 days.  Every detail of this home  covered.. Thank You!!!
  • Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    We just had our home inspection done this morning and already received the report three hours later! Jay was very thorough and documented every detail of concern. Overall, the house was in great condition, but he made sure to tell us all the minor details that need attention. The report included pictures as well as descriptions and he also gave us a lot of details on the state regulations. Jay even got up on the roof in the rain to make sure everything was acceptable from there. It is easy to look at a roof from the ground, but you may miss key spots based on the perspective. We were very thankful that Jay went above and beyond! He will save us a lot of money in the long run because we can take care of minor issues before they turn into major issues!

    I called yesterday to make an appointment and was able to make one for the following day. Luckily for us, he had one spot left. He was very professional and the turnaround time was amazing. We would definitely recommend Jay to all homebuyers!
  • liz s.

    liz s.

    Jay came recommended to us by our real estate agent.  He has actually done two inspections for us as our first home fell through due an electrical issue that Jay found.  Having seen him do two home inspections, I can say without a doubt, that he is very very thorough. Jay's vast knowledge of homes is evident within the first few minutes of the inspection.   He went above and beyond in walking us through the process, letting us know exactly what he was looking for.  He even took the time to teach us about upkeep of some of the homes systems which was super helpful for us as first time home buyers.  I would recommend Mercier Home Inspections without reservation for anyone looking for a personable, thorough home inspector.
  • Emily G.

    Emily G.

    We are first time home buyers and were quite nervous to be purchasing a home.  Jay walked us through every single portion of the property and explained to us in great detail what he was looking for and what he would recommend.  He was patient with all our questions and took a great deal of time to make sure he met all our needs. He got back to us with the written report of the inspection later that same afternoon.  He even showed up an hour early to inspect the outside of the property before we arrived.  Of course, he went over everything he had found with us when we got there.  Couldn't possibly feel more confident about recommending Jay for your inspection!
  • Justin G.

    Justin G.

    Our home inspection was recently completed by Steve. Not only was he extremely thorough and detailed, but he was able to explain things in such a way that everything was very easy to understand.  His detailed report was accurate and it will prove to be very valuable for us - well worth the cost! The report was also completed very quickly - same day turnaround. We are so much more knowledgable than we were before; not only regarding our specific property, but about home ownership in general.  He spent more than 4.5 hours at our home and was accommodating as we had many, many questions. I cannot recommend Steve and Mercier Home Inspections enough.
  • Jenn S.

    Jenn S.

    This was my first time going through the house inspection process and Stephen was amazing. He was knowledgeable, answered all my questions, personable, friendly, professional and thorough but in a timely manner. The inspection took 2 hours and I've heard they can sometimes take up to 4! It for me was a nerve wracking experience leading up to it and he made us feel very comfortable right from the start. I would highly recommend him and use him again if need be.
  • Terence K.

    Terence K.

    Jay did a great job going through the home we are in the process of purchasing. Very informative, did a nice job pointing out areas that could be improved or fixed without any drama. It was a very good experience!
  • Ellen D.

    Ellen D.

    Originally I had spoken with Jay. Who was very informative and honest on what we would need to know about having our house inspected. Today my husband and I had our prospective property inspected by Stephen and Let me tell you, we could not have been any happier. By the time we got there he had already took the time and did a detailed look around the outside of the property. He is prompt, honest and thorough. He explained everything he was doing in detail and was happy to answer any questions we had. He took his time and made sure he checked everything. He definitely put any concerns my husband and I had about the home to ease, And he even taught us a few new things as well. Now after spending over two hours inspecting the house, we received the inspection report a few hours later and it is full of details, pictures and explanations. Not to mention their pricing is super reasonable.
  • David S.

    David S.

    If you live in the greater North Shore area and don't use Jay Mercier for your next home inspection, you are nuts!

    My wife and I just had an offer accepted on our forever home in Georgetown, MA (yay!). As exciting as buying a new home is, i'll be honest in that i'm a novice when it comes to being a homeowner making a large home purchase is scary stuff. After checking Angie's List and a number of reviews, I found that Jay has an amazing track record and I felt like he was the right choice for us.

    On the day of our inspection he showed up an hour early to do a complete outside inspection before we even got there! I realized very quickly how knowledgeable and personable Jay really is, not just with plumbing (formerly a master plumber), he knew the in's and out's of everything we encountered and had some funny stories about past experiences. After the full outside review, we moved inside and continued room by room, and the garage. Jay is incredible at making sure to explain all the big and small things to watch out for, answer questions, and even explained a lot about how things work and how to properly maintain everything in the home over time. He did a first class inspection on site, and provided a first class 40 page report later in the day.

    I can't speak highly enough of Jay. We are hoping this will be our forever home, if not though, we are definitely going to use Jay again and make sure that we refer anyone we know to use his services!
  • Allison C.

    Allison C.

    We just had an inspection with Jay and he was great! Scheduling it was very easy and he was quick to respond to every email. The inspection was excellent, he was very professional and detailed. He documented everything big and small with pictures, explanations and a very detailed written report. Jay answered all of our questions and made sure nothing was left out. We received the written report within a few hours of the actual inspection. He made sure to go over all the findings at the end and make sure we understood everything.

    I would use Mercier Home Inspections again and recommend it to anyone looking for a detailed, professional and thorough home inspection.
  • Hollie M.

    Hollie M.

    Jay is wonderful. He is professional, prompt, and thorough. He emphasized the importance of educating us as first time home buyers on what was good about our future home and what were areas to consider prioritizing for repair. Highly recommend!
  • Jc H.

    Jc H.

    Our home inspection was in Salisbury Ma on 29NOV14. Jay arrived early, gave a thorough and professional inspection, explained any concerns he found and answered all our questions. He gave advise on what needed further inspection by other trades and it was all done in a timely manner for an acceptable fee. We would highly recommend his services.
  • Dori B.

    Dori B.

    Jay was awesome! He was very thorough and explained things as he went along and made sure you understood all that he was doing! He saved us from buying a house with a lot of issues we didn't see! He was very quick to respond! I would highly recommend Jay!
  • Laurie C.

    Laurie C.

    Jay is one of the most thorough home inspectors in this area.  He is great at explaining issues and how to resolve them without alarming home buyers. His reports are specific and include pictures so that a buyer is able to focus on their inspection and not take notes throughout the process.  I highly recommend him as I do to many buyers I work with!
  • Liesel D.

    Liesel D.

    I had my home inspection yesterday with Jay at Mercier Home Inspections. My new house is a good 45 minute drive from his office, but that was not an issue. Jay was courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I felt comfortable asking questions and he took the time to explain everything. He provided a very thoroughly written report with photos in just a few hours. I could actually understand what he was talking about in it! The photos were so helpful as I will be able to refer to them later when addressing any maintenance issues. I definitely would use Jay again and recommend him to others.
  • Liz C.

    Liz C.

    Jay was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when performing our inspection. He gave us very valuable suggestions and gave us all of the information we needed to make the fixes and changes necessary. Not to mention he showed up an hour early to prep and had the report to us within a few hours of the inspection! Thank you Jay!
  • Ryan M.

    Ryan M.

    There are a lot of aspects of the homebuying process that are confusing and stressful. With Steve from Mercier Home Inspection, the inspection was not one of them. He came to inspect our new home within days of our call, and he was friendly and professional throughout. He poked and prodded every nook and cranny of the house, and made sure that we understood what he saw and what he was recommending at every step of the way. Our inspection report arrived later that day and contained no surprises, thanks to Steve's thorough explanations at the house. The peace of mind we got from this inspection was well worth the fee.
  • john e.

    john e.

    My wife and I just hired Jay for our new home inspection.  I have had inspections on other properties and in retrospect they were all close to useless.  Jay spent more than two hours at the property, looked at everything and I truly feel like we are in a better place because of it.  His price was reasonable and he showed up a half hour before the appointment time in order to walk the "grounds of the property".  I will use him again and highly recommend you do as well.
  • Michael C.

    Michael C.

    Our home inspection was today, and as a first time home buyers we had a lot of questions.  The inspection was amazingly thorough and Jay walks through the entire process, explaining every aspect at a pace that worked really well for us to gain a complete understanding of the house.  We received the full report, with great detail and pictures, just hours after the inspection finished.  Jay's diligence is fantastic, his interpersonal skills are phenomenal and he is a very trustworthy person.  We HIGHLY recommend Jay and Mercier Home Inspections to anyone in need of an inspection.
  • Jillian D.

    Jillian D.

    We had our home inspection the other day with Steve. He was very professional and thorough. He went through everything and explained in full detail, answering our questions as needed. I would highly recommend having an inspection done with Mercier Home Inspections.
  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    We had Steve as a home inspector! We would recommend him to our friends and families.  He was very thorough and we thought very qualified.  It was a very cold day, and he spent just as long outside as he did inside.  Nothing left unnoticed.  He had our home inspection report back to us in a timely fashion too.  Thanks Steve !!
  • Todd H.

    Todd H.

    We had Mercier Home Inspections conduct our home inspection in Adnover, MA this week and they exceeded our expectations.  Jay was punctual, thorough, personable and helpful.  He walked us through the entire house and explained everything carefully and completely.  Throughout the inspection, Jay gave us great insight and advice but most of all gave us peace of mind.  Later that day, we received the inspection report - yes, same day!  The report was comprehensive, with plenty of detail, pictures and recommendations.  We absolutely recommend Mericer Home Inspections.
  • Terri C.

    Terri C.

    Stephen from Mercier Home Inspections recently did a home inspection for us and he exceeded our expectations.  You could tell he knew his stuff, but was patient enough to explain in ways that we could understand.  Very thorough, both inside the house and outside.  Mercier Home Inspections was able to accomodate our very tight schedule, driving an hour outside of Boston on a Sunday morning! The report we received within 24 hours was extensive, easy to understand, and loaded with pictures.
  • Gary F.

    Gary F.

    I chose Mercier Home Inspections based on their solid reviews here on Yelp.  I called Jay and quickly received a very reasonable quote for an inspection on almost new house I am buying.  Jay assigned inspector Stephen Hanley to the job.  I accompanied Stephen as he did a remarkably thorough inspection of the property.  I've been through 4 home inspections as a buyer, and I've never seen a more complete inspection.  I originally thought I was wasting money with an inspection because the house was so new, but thanks to Stephen we identified several issues that the seller is currently addressing, which will not only assure that I'm moving into a safe house, but will save me a couple of thousand dollars in eventual  repairs.  He also took the time during the inspection to demonstrate the various controls on the house's mechanical systems and to recommend good maintenance practices for same.  Stephen's inspection report, which arrived in my email the same day,  was as thorough and professional as the inspection itself.  Everything was documented with text and pictures, providing the seller with an exact description of the problems.  For all these reasons I'm delighted that I chose Mercier Home Inspections for my job. Thanks Stephen!
  • Bryan L.

    Bryan L.

    When I pulled up to my future home to conduct the inspection, Stephen greeted me in a very professional manor and began to lay out the agenda for the day. He told me that he arrived early to the property to do an exterior inspection. He proceeded to show me a what he had found and conduct a second inspection with me on the exterior. When we moved to the inside, he did a through job inspecting the home, working from the basement up. He always pointed out to me not only the suspect issues, but anything good features as well. If there was something suspect, he did a great educating me on the next steps. I would greatly recommend Stephen and his team for any future inspections.
  • Siham B.

    Siham B.

    I am a realtor and honestly i had  recommanded jay to couple of my client and honestly he is very professional he doesnt scare people he is very  goood and i really feel very confident working with him ....jay someone will be calling you tomorrow morning by the way ......
  • Tommy D.

    Tommy D.

    Throughout the process of getting my future home inspected, Mercier was accommodating, helpful, and professional.  Not only did Jay, the owner, answer my phone call at 8pm at night when I hadn't been able to call during normal business hours, he said they could accommodate nearly any time that was convenient for me, including 2pm on a Saturday.

    Stephen did the inspection and he was friendly, extremely informative as he talked me through everything he was doing, and professional in that he made sure he was completely thorough and sent my report by the end of the day after the inspection.
  • Bianca C.

    Bianca C.

    Jay was so thorough with my home inspection. He has great attention to detail and won't hold anything back. I am a first time homebuyer buying a condo and it is a very exciting/nerve wracking time.  Jay pointed out every detail of the home and common areas me after sat me down to discuss any larger, more pressing, items on the list. I would recommend Mercier Home Inspections to anyone, you are certainly getting your money' worth here!
  • Keith B.

    Keith B.

    Jay was great. I found him after my realtor mentioned that the inspector I'd originally called was hundreds of dollars more expensive than competitors, and Jay delivered with a Sunday afternoon inspection at a very low cost. He walked me through the history of how the building had been designed and built and what I need to do to maintain it. Best of all, in addition to checking the perfunctory checklist items, he was able to show me examples of good craftsmanship and quality work that demonstrated that the important parts of the home had been well taken care of despite some lower-quality interior finishes. In addition to the inspection process, Jay was easy to get in touch with and scheduled the appointment at the last minute via E-mail.
  • Lisa B.

    Lisa B.

    We just had our home inspection this morning!  The report was already in my hand an hour ago!  Jay did a wonderful, thorough job.  He explained so many things to me that I would not have known or even thought to ask.  The report we received is so detailed, telling us information on everything and anything, it included many pictures and descriptions as well.  Gave us peace of mind!  I was so impressed, love working with Jay.  He is so helpful and knowledgeable!  Thank you so much for helping us with this big decision!!!  We highly recommend using Mercier Home Inspections!!!
  • Stacey B.

    Stacey B.

    Jay was great!  He was there ahead of schedule to take a look outside and take pictures, which was so helpful seeing it was so cold outside.  He walked me through every step, explained it un a way that I could understand and made sure my questions were answered.  His report came through within a few hours and was very detailed with pictures.  In making my appointment, I had to reschedule, which was done with no problems.  He was very knowledgeable about everything.  I would recommend him to anyone going through the process because he makes a stressful situation so much better.  I was very nervous going into this but he reassured me in my decision.
  • Stephanie W.

    Stephanie W.

    Just had home inspection done by Stephen Hanley of Mercier Home Inspections. He was extremely thorough and provided a lot of information about the home's systems. He was professional and patient with our many questions.

    The report was very detailed, inclusive of many photos, and arrived the next day. I would highly recommend Mercier Home Inspections to anyone!
  • Joseph D.

    Joseph D.

    Had our home inspection done by Jay. He was not only very thorough, but went over every detail making sure I understood everything that was done correctly or needed to be done.We received our report within hours complete with photos. I was very impressed with Jay's knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend this company.
  • Kendra P.

    Kendra P.

    My home inspection was everything I could have asked for and more. Steve was extremely thorough and he explained his findings the entire way through. He was very personable and because of that, I learned so much from this inspection which will help me be a better homeowner.
  • Joe F.

    Joe F.

    If you are looking for a home inspection, Mercier Home Inspections is the best! They are thorough, knowledgeable, attentive and professional.
  • Kim W.

    Kim W.

    Jay is phenomenal. His home inspection is both very thorough and educational. I especially appreciate that he welcomed all questions and answered them in great detail - this quality is super valuable to the careful and curious homebuyer.

    Jay broke down his inspection step-by-step during the walkthrough. He explained  *how* things work, *why* it matters, *what* to look for, and offered sage advice wherever possible.

    As others have mentioned in their reviews, he was punctual and his report was comprehensive -  I received it in less than 6 hours.

    After being better educated, I can proceed with my decision with more confidence.

    I highly recommend that you hire him for your home inspections.
  • Johann K.

    Johann K.

    Mercier is unbelievable! It is the best home inspection company! We were with Stephen Henly. He takes every picture of the house and explains so thoroughly. He answers every question you ask with respect. It really helps for the buyers. We were with other home inspection company before but Mercier is the best!!
    I highly recommend Mercier to any buyer. Thanks a lot!!
  • Will B.

    Will B.

    Not only were they able to accommodate a Sunday afternoon inspection, Stephen did an excellent job.  He was extremely knowledgeable and gave us a fantastic detailed inspection report in less than a day!
  • Sandy O.

    Sandy O.

    Stephen Hanley did an amazing job! First they were available right away, made an appointment within the same week, he showed up early to start assessing before the appointment time, was extremely thorough! Went over every detail, definitely a learning experience as a first time home buyer. Report was done and delivered within hours. I would I highly recommend Stephen and his company for your next home inspection!
  • Josh L.

    Josh L.

    We just had a home inspection with Jay. He was very thorough and really taught us a lot about maintaining a home (I kind of wish he had walked through a house with us earlier in the process). He has encyclopedic knowledge of building codes and common problems to look out for. Also not so common problems, particularly in plumbing, which is his background. He showed up to the house 30 minutes before we did so that he would not waste any of our time, which we really appreciated. He found a handful of items to be aware of that I would have NEVER found, two of the recommended follow ups were confirmed by independent specialists. He was very professional, laying down the ground rules for what is in and out of scope for the job that he performs. The report was very thorough and has continued to be a great resource as we plan some upcoming projects. All said, I plan to call Jay the next time I am in the process of buying a property.
  • Mike C.

    Mike C.

    These guys deliver the most thorough, and comprehensive inspection -- going above and beyond pointing out potential issues, to educating you about your home and the systems that run it (heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, ext.).
  • Pam M.

    Pam M.

    Experienced, knowledgeable professional took his time to explain all that was being inspected and fully explain why certain items needed to be addressed in my "home to  be".  The report was final in the same day and I have the peace of mind of knowing everything has been looked at in my new "retirement" home.  
    Pam McGrath, Beverly, MA
  • Maicom P.

    Maicom P.

    Jay was excellent! Very thorough with every aspect of the inspection, making everything very clear to us and as first time home buyers this was especially helpful. He was pleasant to work with and has a good sense of humor. The report was very detailed and clear with pictures and descriptions of everything. I would recommend Mercier Home Inspections to anyone in need of an inspection.
  • Dhaval S.

    Dhaval S.

    We had our inspection done by Stephen earlier this month on Oct 8th and it was great. He was very thorough and did a fantastic job explaining every single thing, he was very patient and even though the house was in great condition, he made sure to point out every minute details. The report was in great detail and I was very satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend Mercier Home Inspections
  • Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Steve was extremely knowledgeable. He took extra time to go through everything with us. Being first time homebuyers we were nervous buying our first home and he made sure we were getting ourself in a great situation. If you want an honest and in depth report on a home you are considering buying there is no other company to go to. Everyone I know will be using this company. Thanks for everything.
  • Josh P.

    Josh P.

    I had a great experience with this home inspection company. I spoke with Jay on the phone first. He was very friendly and got me an appointment quickly and exactly when I needed it. My inspector was Stephen. He arrived earlier than our appointment to observe the exterior and take some pictures. He was very helpful and informative, especially since it is my first time buying a home. I would definitely recommend these guys. Very professional and appropriately priced.
  • Jenn C.

    Jenn C.

    I have had the opportunity to work with both Jay and Stephen at Mercier Home Inspections. They were both extremely thorough in their work and explained things in layman's terms.  By the time I had gotten to the two different properties we were looking at they had already finished up looking at the outside, went back over their results, took a ton of photos and answered any questions we had.  I had the finalized report within less than 24 hours of the inspection!  To say I was impressed is an understatement.

    I would highly recommend Mercier Home Inspections!
  • Kyle V.

    Kyle V.

    We just had an home inspection completed by Steve, and it was great.  He was very thorough, and did a great job of explaining everything to us.  The report was also quite thorough, and was completed very quickly - much faster than expected.

    I'm definitely glad we didn't cave into the crazy market and forgo the inspection like we had been pressured to do with other properties. It definitely pays for itself and can save you from lots of unsafe things that are common in older (and newer, perhaps) homes.

    I would definitely use Mercier Home Inspections again, but I hope I don't need to for many years to come!
  • Marc R.

    Marc R.

    Jay Mercier is knowledgeable and personable. Jay did the inspection on a house that we wanted to buy. He immediately found structural problems and described the problems in detail. He went on to describe everything he found about the house. He doesn't give you his opinion, he just gives you the facts. If something is particularly good, he tells you. If it is particularly bad, he simply explains what's happening and recommends that you have it investigated. Thanks to Jay, we rejected that house and found another. Jay did the second inspection and again used his considerable knowledge and plumbing experience to explain in detail what is happening. He then followed up with a 58 page report that I received just hours after he left. When the radon report came back, he responded right away to be sure that we got the report and acted on it. We would absolutely go back to him and highly recommend him.
  • Melissa S.

    Melissa S.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Steve for home inspection. He was very friendly and informative. He spent a lot of time with us explaining in detail what he was looking for. He kept asking if we understood  what he was explaining and if we had any questions. By far he was the best inspector that I have come in contact with. I will highly recommend him to family and friends .
  • Sean L.

    Sean L.

    Fast. Honest and knowledgable.  A home buyer's best friend.  Their Inspectors are first rate and of high quality.
  • Erin S.

    Erin S.

    I am a first time home buyer, and this process happened rather quickly for me. My realtor recommended three different home inspection companies, and after doing some quick research on the three, I selected Mercier Home Inspections. I was someone skeptic after reviewing the many positive Yelp reviews, thinking it was too good to be true, but I was wrong! Stephen showed up early and did a quick tour of the outside of the building while we waited for the seller's realtor. While we went through the inspection, he could not have been more professional, courteous, and helpful. He did a great job providing objective commentary, while explaining everything in a way that made sense to someone who has very little knowledge of water tanks, roofs, building materials, etc. I then had my very thorough report within hours after the inspection. If you're looking for a home inspection, Stephen and Mercier are the way to go!
  • Phil A.

    Phil A.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Mercier Home Inspections to anyone. Very thorough and professional
  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    I just had an home inspection completed by Steve, and he was great!  Very thorough, helped to explain everything to me and made it simple for us.  Expecially because it was our first inspection and had to ask a lot of questions.

    I'm definitely glad we got this done and if this house does not go through P&S I want Mercier (specifically Steve) to do our next inspection!
  • Jeffrey O.

    Jeffrey O.

    We've had two inspections over the last month with Mercier Home Inspections.  They were very courteous, accommodating, and thorough.  Report was received within hours.  The experience working with Mercier Home Inspections is top notch.
  • Mary B.

    Mary B.

    We are in the process of buying our first home.  As you know that comes with a lot of things you have to do.  Our Broker/realtor Sandy Juliano of JRS realty in Everett Ma.  recommended Mercier Home Inspections. I contacted them and got a respond imediately and he then sent our confirmation email to me.  Well Mericer Home Inspections helped us with the inspection the whole step of the way.  They were very through.  The inspector Stephen Hanley was on time. Stephen processes all the qualities and knowledge in home inspections.  Our inspector took pictures for our records. Documented everything he found.  And also recommended what needed to be done.  Our report was sent to us asap.  Very efficient company.  Very professional.  I highly recommend our inspector and Mericer Home Inspections.  Five stars.
    Thank you so much for walking us through everything.  Made our purchase more comfortably knowing what we were getting.  Thanks Stephen it was truly a pleasure working with you in our inspection.
    Mary B.
  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    If you want a professional, thorough, home inspection, then call Mercier Home Inspections.
  • Jeff D.

    Jeff D.

    We just had a home inspected by Jay that we were hoping to purchase.  He was very thorough   , explained everything to us and answered all our questions.  He found several things that I am not sure other inspectors would have found.  A very detailed report with lots of key pictures came to our e-mail within just a few hours of the actual inspection.  I believe the inspection saved us tens of thousands of $$ in repairs and updates.  We would definitely use Mercier again and highly recommend him to others.
  • Sidhu D.

    Sidhu D.

    I had a thorough review of a home I was looking to purchase from Stephen, and he reached there ahead of time and had already taken pictures of the roof etc., he was patient and shared his expert tips on all things from the heating/cooling to water seepage possibility, risks and analysis, and did a thorough inspection of hard to reach attic as well. Then the written report was very detailed with pictures. They are priced slightly higher than others I had spoken to but were available for the next day and did a thorough job.
  • Bill B.

    Bill B.

    Let me say up front that I was unable to accompany Jay during the inspection.  The home he inspected was new construction from a reputable builder.  The builder had a representative present during the inspection which I would have prevented had I been there in order to ensure no undue influence.  The result was an inspection that found absolutely nothing wrong with the home.  Did the builder unduly influence the inspector? Probably not, but I can't say for sure because I was not there. I can say that the inspector did not find the following issues requiring the builder's attention to correct: a door not installed, a bathtub improperly chalked, a window missing hardware, front porch columns not properly painted, and two additional doors that did not open and close freely. These are all small things that on previous home inspections the inspector alerted me to.  On the positive side, I was able to validate portions of the inspection with third party experts who backed up Jay's report fully. My overall assessment is that Jay did a good job inspecting the fundamental systems in the home (electrical, plumbing, structural, roof etc) but either considered the small stuff outside the scope of his work or just plain missed it.
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